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EKGenuis Smart System Corporate Solutions

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What is EKGenius

FDA approved Advanced AI powered Digital EKG Device. We use revolutionary software and hardware designed to make getting an EKG easy, accurate and simple.

What makes our EKG system innovative:

Our EKG testing system revolutionizes the traditional approach to EKG tests. Our system uses a 12-lead electrode belt that links to our user-friendly App. With one tap an EKG read is obtained and uploaded to the electronic medical record. No need for stickers, no need for specialized EKG grid paper. Our system eliminates technician error. Perfect lead placement every time.

Key Features:

  1. Streamlined System for Patient Information and Test Results Storage
  • We link with multiple EMR systems to quickly upload results and patient demographics
  • Export results to email, text and digital communication apps

  1. Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • Proprietary 12-lead electrode belt applies directly to skin no need for stickers no risk of skin injury
  • The 12-lead electrode belt is universal, unisex, fits all body types, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, developed using innovative non corrosive materials
  • One time perfect lead placement, no need for lead repositioning
  • Fragile/geriatric skin friendly non adhesive technology
  • Perfect for every health delivery setting from PCP office to ICU

  1. Time-saving eco-friendly Technology:
  • One step lead application
  • Exact EKG read everytime
  • No specialized technician training required
  • Zero consumer waste, zero non-biodegradable stickers or single use plastics
  • One tap test results upload and storage

  1. Advanced Features Development
  • In-depth AI trained EKG analysis
  • Historical data analysis, EKG changes from baseline identification
  • Ai driven clinical decision support system
  • EKG bank learning system
  • Cardiologist on demand consultation
  • Ai supported data integration from multiple diagnostic medical devices


our product helps anyone get a professional grade 12 lead ekg, we designed our product with healthcare facilities in mind, however it can be used in any setting. It is very easy to operate all you need to do is apply our innovative EKG belt to the patients chest and press record. Additionally our product allows for data storage so that you can compare EKG reads over time, we also offer a fast (one tap function) way to upload the acquired EKG reads to your electronic medical records software.


Our pricing structure includes a flat fee for the complete ekg system of 4999.99 We also offer additional monthly subscription based services that will allow you to integrate EKGenious with your EMR and provide access to our EKG database, our monthly subscription services are perfect for someone who would like to track patient results over time and have AI driven interpretations that are constantly verified by our medical team. If you’re interested in our device for a limited time we offer an introductory rate. For more information please schedule a free telecall with our sales team.


We are FDA approved

Our product comes with a 3 year limited warranty

We offer email and text message based support

We integrate with most EMRs and provide white glove onboarding services that include EMR set up, in-person team training and customized device storage options

The Application

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The Application

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