EKGenuis kit

with Innovative EKG Strip


  • Strip mold with all precordial leads preconnected

  • Four Limb Clamps

  • White Aquicision Box – Bluetooth enabled

  • 12.9” Ipad and charger with 
integrated Alma app®

  • Four AA Battaries

  • EKGenuis Travel Suitcase


Medical Advancement

Alma EKG Smart System® is FDA
approved for 12-Leads Medical
Grade EKG with abilities to measure,
compare to previous exams, and 3D
simulate the eletrodes feedback

Fast EKG

Alma EKG Belt® is preconnected to
all chest leads. Simply place the belt
on the chest, connect the four limb
clamps, and recrod the EKG with a
click of a button. No need to shave
the patient, or use disposible
stickers or skin pads

Portable EKG

Press the button for your three-in-
one heart health checkup. Readings
are instantly shown on-device, and
Wi-Fi sync means you don’t need
your phone nearby.

EMR Integration

Alma EKG Smart System® is fully
interoperable. Using the Alma app
on a 12.9” iPad, simply send the
patient EKG result directly into the
medical record.

The EKG Belt

Precordial Belt Mold with all electrodes preconnected
Four color coded limb claims
Connects directly to the White Aquicision Box via Bluetooth.

EKG done without shaving patients
EKG without skin tears on elder/frail patients
No prior EKG/Electrode placement knowledge needed

Made of Silicone Grade Antrimicrobial material
Easy to clean, easy to carry

The Alma App

Search or Scan patient directly from the App

Run EKG on layers 3×4, 2×6, or 1,12 and 3D Mode

Measure (coming soon) and change EKG intervals, add diagnoses

Compare current EKG result with older results using
side-by-side features

Send Results directly into the patient file (EMR)

The Acquisition Box

A Bluetooth enabled, pocket-sized unit
that produce 12 lead EKG readings to
be made anytime, anywhere, without
the need for bulky or complex equipment.

Perfect for use in distant or out of the
way locations, such as:

  • Nursing homes

  • Clinics

  • Cardiologists

  • Hospitals

  • Home Care

  • Goverment Agencies

  • Airplanes

Alma Travel Case

Alma Travel Case includes everything you need to
perform a rapid 12-leads EKG exam – anytime and

Alma EKG kit is lightweight, easy to carry, and
argonamically designed to intuitively use during the
EKG exam, no experiance or previous knowladge

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