Does the EKG belt performs a 12-lead EKG?

Yes. The EKG belt is a medical-grade 12 lead EKG electrodes and is compatible with any other medical-grade EKG machines to perform a 12 lead EKG test.

The Electrode Belt

Does using the EKG belt require patient shaving?

No. There is no need to shave patients‘ chest prior to use of the EKG belt

Does the EKG belt come in different sizes?

No. The EKG belt is one-size-fits-all. Simply stretch the silicone back-frame and adjust front belt buckle to accommodate your patient’s needs

Is conduction gel required to be place on electrodes prior to belt use?

No. Simply wet the electrodes with regular water and place belt on patient

The Mobile EKG

My screen does not fit the app properly, how can it be fixed?

Alma-Solutions app requires the latest iPad version update. Please go to iPad settings and ensure the latest version is installed. If the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected]

The Bluetooth Acquisition box

How do I turn on the Bluetooth acquisition box?

Simply press on the middle circle for one second, until the yellow light comes on

How do I charge the Bluetooth acquisition box?

There is no need of a recurring charge, simply replace old AA batteries at the back of the box

the Bluetooth acquisition box will not turn on, what should I do?

Make sure AA batteries are replaced. If the problem persists please contact us at [email protected]

iPad App

How do I register for Alma Solutions App?

Please press “Sign-up” on the login page, provide your work email and create a password. You will be prompted to verify your email in order to activate your account.

System integration

I cannot send EKG test results to the Electronic Health Record, how can I fix this?

 Alma is currently working with several EHR systems for API integrations. If results are not being properly transported to the patient’s HER, please contact us at [email protected]

Automatic Diagnosis

how can I customize diagnosis on my patient EKG test?

On patient’s EKG test result, press on “Diagnosis”, then either look for the diagnosis you’d like to add to the test or customize your diagnosis by writing it on the field at the top of the pop-up page.

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